Current Endeavors & Investments 

Our businesses & significant investments


KDC Founded and Operate


Currently based in New Jersey, KDC Solar is the developer, owner and operator of large scale solar projects.  KDC Solar was provided a $225 Million private equity commitment to become one of the premiere solar developers in the U.S. and is actively expanding.  



California Safe Soil

Second Largest Investor and Board Member


California Safe Soil's (CSS) patented technology was developed to aggressively combat the massive environmental and economic issues caused by food waste and toxic fertilizers at scale. Faster, more efficient and environmentally sound than any other commercial composting technology on the market, CSS has developed a food intake system that's able to closely mimic the digestive process of the human body. 

This system allows CSS to fully recycle over fifteen tons of food waste in just three hours with aerobic digestive enzymes. This process also successfully turns each batch of waste into a powerful, non-chemical liquid fertilizer capable of increasing crop yield, improving soil health and reducing farm's need for other harmful, nitrate-rich products.  

As CSS's lead investor and partner, KDC Ag also holds the exclusive licensing rights for CSS’s patented conversion technology. More Details Below.





KDC Agribusiness (KDC Ag) was formed in 2015 to support the exclusive licensing agreement KDC obtained for the further development and commercialization of California Safe Soil's (CSS) patented composting technology. Working in close partnership with CSS, this newly formed business unit will allow for the rapid expansion of CSS's technology nationwide.

As a result CSS will ultimately be able to keep more, and more harmful fresh food waste out of our landfills; using it instead to create a powerful, fully organic super-fertilizer capable of increasing farm's organic yields by 10 - 40% per acre with 25% less water, while improving soil health and reducing nitrate run of. 

KDC Agribusiness is also pleased to be joined by Alex Urquhart, former CEO of GE Energy Financial Services as a key strategic partner, helping to rapidly deploy this 



KDC Founded, Operate and Own


FastTrackRTW’s proprietary technology makes possible the automation of functions currently manually performed within Life & Disability Insurance Companies claim operations thus allowing for faster, more accurate and more consistent claims adjudication.  This allows claim benefit determinations, both initial decisions and on-going liability decisions, to be made at a lower cost, with higher quality, with greater consistency throughout the organization and with earlier and more frequent return to work outcomes.


Largest Investor and Board Member


ZabCab is a unique patented solution for taxi drivers to compete with ride-share apps. ZabCab enables both passengers and drivers to seamlessly integrate this technology into their existing processes via our patented "virtual hail" technology, a direct dispatch model and our FrontDesk platform.


Woodpond Manor 

KDC Founded, Operate and Own  

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The Kamine's have owned and operated Woodpond Manor for the past 15 years and have been responsible for some of the best competitive show jumpers in the U.S.  Woodpond Manor focuses on equestrian show jumping, breeding sales and training.  

At the top of the accolades for Woodpond Manor horses and riders, the Kamine's have had two different horses and with two different riders compete in the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens.  At these Olympics, Woodpond Manor have brought home multiple Olympic medals for the United States. Additionally, In 2013, Woodpond Manor was ranked 4th nationwide for young jumper breeding results. 

Active Minority Investments 

Our STARTUP Investments in Patented Advantages 



With state-of-the-art aeroponic technology and LED lighting and patented growing membrane, AeroFarms is the only commercial approach in the Urban Agriculture space utilizing a totally controlled growing environment without sun or soil as well as minimizing harmful transportation miles. An award-winning environmental and technology leader, AeroFarms is able to grow locally all year round and deliver consistently safe and delicious leafy greens.




As seen successfully getting a deal on Shark Tank, Loliware is a product innovation and packing company on a mission to create global change through reduction of plastic waste.

Loliware is a new category of sustainable materials coined Biodegr(edible) as it is both biodegradable and edible.  The material technology was featured in TIME magazine as one of the best scientific inventions of 2013 and is focused on transforming the tableware, packaging and disposable material industries.

Linkage Biosciences is a molecular diagnostics company developing and marketing products that dramatically improve and expedite complex genetic testing. 

LinkSēq is the company's flagship technology that provides the fastest and simplest method of Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) testing on the market, covering all classical HLA genes and over 12,000 alleles in a single test.  LinkSēq technology utilizes a proprietary assay methodology including reagents and software in combination with standard Real-Time PCR hardware to simplify the determination of complex genetic sequences. 




Emogi is a new way brands engage with their audiences.  Emogi infuses emoticons onto digital ads enabling companies to better determine instantaneous human engagement and sentiment with those specific ads.  Emogi is revolutionizing the ad industry with providing unique data analytics to quantify brand awareness, human sentiment, human intent and human engagement.

The fastest, most secure and the easiest way to make a payment, Kachyng allows for an instant payment anywhere on the internet. You can pay with any credit card or with other online wallets such as PayPal. With Kachyng you can secure high-value purchases at point-of-sale terminals. In addition, Kachyng can be used to securely login to online services.


Past Endeavors & Investments 

Former businesses and exits 


KDC Founded, Operated and Chairman  

Status:  Sold in 2005

Kamine Multimedia Company (KMC) Telecom was a telecommunications company with focus on providing tier 3 cities nationwide with telecom services.  KMC Telecom was founded in 1995 and grew from an initial investment of $7 million to raising over $2.5 billion in capital from partners such as Lucent, GE and CIT.  KMC produced $600 million in annual revenues and employing 1500 people before being sold in 2005.  





KDC Cogeneration was founded in 1985 and developed, owned and operated 7 gas fired cogeneration facilities culminating in 600 Megawatts, and was the largest Independent Power Producer in 1998 in NIMO. KDC Cogeneration partnered with GE, Deutsche Bank and Siemens for $800 million in financing and accumulated $250 million in annual sales under negotiated contracts before being sold in 1999.



KDC Chairman and Board Member

Status: Sold in 2013

HyperCube a second generation company out of KMC Telecom, and was the premier provider of local and national tandem services in the middle mile to carriers throughout the United States.  HyperCube provided interconnection services to the competitive marketplace including wireless, wire-line, cable telephony and Voice over Internet Protocol companies.



KDC Largest Investor and Chairman

Status:  Closed - 2014

H2M Beverages focused on the development, production, marketing and sales of healthy, premium and innovative beverages and technology.  Products include Herbal Mist Iced Tea, Liquid Lightning and 989 On-Demand.  989 On Demand utilized a patented cap technology that keeps ingredients air tight and fresh until consumption.  The patented cap has applications in nutriceuticals, hair-dye, pharmaceuticals and other industries.  This cap technology recently won the 2013 Beverage Innovation award.

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